Lottery Players Seek the Biggest Jackpot Ever

Whether it was caused by the recent record in the Powerball Jackpots, or by the current generation’s quest for instant gratification, the evidence shows us that lottery players are increasingly interested only in the larger jackpots.

Higher Expectations.

It was just a few years ago that a $ 100 million jackpot was more than enough to get people out of their homes and into a long line to buy lottery tickets, the President of the Poweball Group and Executive Director of the New Mexico Lottery, Tony Romero, said exactly this to the Washington Post. The limit later rose to 200 million, he said, and is now approaching 300 million.

This phenomenon could be called “jackpot fatigue”, according to an expert on the subject interviewed by the Washington Post. Chuck Strutt, the director of a multi-state lottery, said that once a 10 million jackpot in the state of Illinois was enough to attract large queues, however he also claims that the larger jackpots came to end these days.

The Revival of Powerball

This interesting trend may be, in part, the result of the revival of Powerball that took place in January 2012, in which lottery tickets rose 100%, that is, from 1 dollar to 2 dollars. This change caused the value of the jackpots to increase. This change immediately caused a reduction in the number of players, which was already predictable, however the number of sales in general rose 52%, sales that reached a total of 5.9 billion dollars.

As you can predict, Powerball has been paying jackpots recently. And at least three players in two states – Minnesota and New Jersey – have already hit the winning number combination: 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, and Powerball number 32, a $ 448 million jackpot.

This was the third biggest jackpot Powerball has ever announced, and it came a few months after the biggest jackpot of all, $ 590 million was won by a lucky woman in Florida.

Buy Tickets Online

Online ticket buying agents have also seen players’ interest in jackpots of more velvety amounts. Now websites like Loterrymaster and The Lotter provide access to United States lotteries, which means that anyone can buy a ticket that can contain the winning combination, no matter where they are in the world.

The Lotterymaster website sells tickets to the United States Powerball, which takes place twice a week, also sells tickets to the United States’ Mega Millions, or even Euro Millions, as well as dozens of other lotteries from various countries that offer big jackpots. with 8 or even 9 digits!

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