Where to Get $ 3000 in Welcome Bonus

Vegas casino has one of the biggest welcome bonuses in the online casino business, with an impressive $ 3,000 (or equivalent currency) just for signing up. Follow the guide below to find out how to get your bonus casino.

1) Download : Click on the download button on the Casino Vegas main page and start the whole process. Make sure your computer is compatible (which it should be, unless you have a particularly old device or an internet connection with a lot to be desired).

2) Save: When you click the download button, you will have access to a dialog box that will appear on your screen, in which you must click on the “Save Program” button and click OK when necessary.

3) Save Again : The “Save as” dialog box will appear on your screen. When this happens, choose the option to save it on your desktop. Do not change the file name as you will need it for installation. Click Save and you will complete this step.

4) Install: Once the download is complete (it should only take a few minutes), just double-click on the installation icon on your desktop and begin the installation process.

5) Start Playing: Once the installation is complete, the Vegas online casino icon will appear on your desktop, which, when clicked, will give you direct access to the casino. Double-click the icon at any time to find a world of games and promotions available at your fingertips.

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